Surgery to Repair Hip Labrum with Full Return to Activity

What is your story about?
I tore my hip labrum in 2014 and underwent surgery to repair it in 2017. Following a 4-6 months recovery, I was able to run and squat again without pain. The surgery was definitely worth it for me and has enabled me to continue living an active lifestyle.
What symptoms did you experience and how did they progress over time?
Staring in mid-2014, my right hip was hurting on and off for a couple months. It began the day after a light back squat workout of 85lbs for 3 sets of 5 (it was the first back squats I'd done in quite some time due to knee issues). For the first two weeks after the workout my right hip was in pretty serious pain, just walking alone was painful.
Did rest help or physical therapy help alleviate symptoms?
I rested it for a solid 3 weeks and then did some PT for 3 weeks (without return to lifting) and it didn't help. Whenever I did the PT exercises, my hip would get pretty sore and stay that way for a good two days or so, and not the good kind of sore. PT exercises involved a lot of stretching, unilateral work, agility stuff like rope ladders, plyometrics, band walks, etc.
What was your diagnosis process like?
At first, I went to get it checked out by a physical therapist who said it was greater trochanteric pain. But, it flared up again after trying BW lower body stuff in August of 2014 (following 6 weeks of rest, including 3 weeks of PT). During that workout I did BW Bulgarian split squats as well as a couple sets with 10lbs, and BW lunges. After, my right hip was extremely sore and I couldn't sit evenly for a couple days afterwards on chairs, I had to favor my left. So, I got an MRI done. The report read: "Extensive detached bilateral posterosuperior acetabular labral tears, as well as bone marr ...(more)
How did you decide to pursue surgery?
I've did a fair amount of googling and everything I read said a labral tear will not heal on its own and that PT works to strengthen the muscles around the joint, which can sometimes diminish pain. I still felt some pain and stiffness at times, and weakness most of the time (my hip felt like it wanted to give out at any moment), even as a result of light workouts. I wanted to get back to deadlifting and squatting so I started thinking surgery is the only route. Ultimately, I saw three docs before deciding on surgery.
What was your recovery process like?
I ended up having surgery on my hip November 2017. I spent like 2-3 months on crutches not walking after surgery and then it took me maybe 2-3 more months until I could squat and run again. As of now it feels pretty good, I am squatting whatever I want and I'm fine. Granted, I'm a small dude at 5'10 150lbs and I only front squat so it's like 155-185lbs depending on the reps but yea, surgery was great! And, I can run for however many miles (not a big runner but like doing it now and then, did 6 miles no problem).
What advice would you give to others with this condition?
One thing to keep in mind if you do go the surgery route is that recovery is never linear, some weeks I felt great others I felt like I never even got the surgery. There was a period of time 5-6 months after surgery where running hurt and I was so depressed, but after giving my hip time off due to having shoulder surgery and returning to running only after I was used to front squatting regularly again did I feel better. So keep that in mind, some days are better than others