Surgery for Ossified Labrum and FAI, Recovery in Progress

What is your story about?
I underwent surgery for a torn labrum and FAI. While I'm still in the process of recovering, I overall feel it was worth it. My goal is to be able to do everyday activities and work out, so I'm not concerned if the surgery can't fix everything.
What was your diagnosis process like?
According to CT images and my surgeon, my left labrum had completely ossified with a small labral tear. There was also a pincer impingement present. He said it was impossible to repair the tear when the labrum is ossified. There is some rheumatism in my family so that may explain the ossification, or it could be because I have had the tear for 3 years prior to the surgery, and the body may grow more bone to protect against the FAI. If there is anything I regret, it was that I squatted way too heavy the moment I got the tear. It might've happened at some point anyway, but I don't know.
What surgery did you pursue?
Images aren't always correct, but unfortunately in my case they were. The small labral tear I have couldn't be repaired because of the ossification, so instead they shaved of excessive bone (which he said there were a lot of), and they did a labral resection (small part/film is now left). They basically removed parts of the labrum because it was ossified, and there isn't much left of it.
How has recovery been so far?
I'm feeling rather well, and I have been surprised about how quickly I recovered after the surgery. I was able to walk rather normally after 4-5 days, but I still used crutches for 7 days which was the minimum recommendation. In about 3 weeks from now, it will have been 3 months since the surgery. I can now run without much pain, and I mostly experience pain when the leg is stretched behind me, but that pain has lessened over time and I hope it goes away completely in the next 3 months. Sudden quick movements with the leg can also provoke pain, so I try to move around "smoothly". I am doing s ...(more)
Do you feel the surgery was worth it?
I think the surgery was worth it, even though one pain was replaced by another, but complete healing happens over 6 months so the end result remains to be seen. The surgery was arthroscopic, and I am only 27 yrs old, so that might've had an impact. The hip will never be as it was before the labral tear, but as long as it doesn't stop me from everyday activities and I am able to work out, I'm happy.
Are you planning any future surgeries?
I hoped to avoid early hip arthritis by taking the surgery, but interestingly the surgeon told me there is no evidence to support this. So he basically said the only reason to have the surgery is if the symptoms are annoying enough, else it's best to let it be. He couldn't guarantee success, but he told me the chances for improvement were high. There might be slight impingement on my right hip as well, but I won't do anything with it as it doesn't bother me.