Sudden Onset Hip Impingement & Pain, FAI Surgery Working

What is your story about?
I'm a 51 year old male with an active lifestyle. I began suddenly experiencing FAI symptoms, and tried PT. This did nothing, so I pursued surgery about 9 months from the start of my symptoms. So far, recovery has been going smoothly and the pain is dramatically reduced.
What symptoms did you experience and how did they progress over time?
Approx. 9 months ago, experienced an excruciating pain in my right hip while exiting my car where I collapsed in the parking lot. After ignoring it thinking it was really nothing, the pain got worse.
What was your activity level before surgery?
No kind of crazy activities, but I will say as a 51 year old male, I am active (not sports).
What was your diagnosis process like?
I went to an orthopedic surgeon who ordered an MRI. Here are the results of the MRI. Mild hip joint degenerative disease with diminished articular cartilage and labral tear/degeneration anterosuperiorly associated with cam femoral acetabular impingement. Mild gluteal insertional tendinosis and trochanteric bursitis. L4-L5 degenerative disc disease with right-sided discogenic bone marrow edema previously present and described on lumbar MRI.
What was the first treatment you tried?
Went back to the ortho and he recommended a steroid injection. Lasted two weeks. Went back to ortho and he said and I quote, "you are sort of backed into a corner, because you are not eligible for hip surgery, but you need to be scoped, and I would never let someone scope my hip", so he recommended PT.
How did you decide on surgery?
Fast forward, I found a hip preservation specialist at HSS (Hospital Special Surgery). After meeting with him and reviewing everything, we decided to perform my scope on 5/24. I was confident in him and his abilities from what my research had shown. FWIW, we asked my surgeon, a hip specialist at HSS about doing PT instead of surgery as to "repair/resolve". He indicated, at least in my case, nothing short of surgery will remedy this issue. From my understanding, it will worsen and I will need a hip replacement. My labrum is torn and needs to be re-attached and the bone has to be shaved down. ...(more)
How was your PT experience?
PT did nothing. My PT guy approached me and said you have a problem; you really need to see a hip specialist.
Where are you at now with your recovery?
This Friday will be two weeks since surgery. I feel awesome. Sore, but awesome. I have no pain what so ever. My right thigh looks like someone beat it up with a bat (all bruised up). I'm transitioning off the crutches and doing pretty good. I don't have much strength in the leg, but I'm getting PT and working on it. Also, for the first two weeks I have been using a Game Ready Therapy Ice Machine. I'm thinking this may of assisted in my recovery. This process was MUCH better than I anticipated. Everyone once in a while, I'll move a certain way and will be reminded that I had hip surgery about t ...(more)