Return to Sports 7.5 Months After ACL Reconstruction

What is your story about?
I tore my ACL in 2018. After surgery and 7.5 months of rehab, I was able to resume sports and play a game of competitive soccer. The key for me was to be extremely diligent about putting in the hours every week and never missing a session of rehab.
What was your injury?
I got injured the 4th of September, 2018. I tore my ACL.
When was your surgery?
I did 1 month of PT pre-surgery, and got surgery on the 12th of October, 2018. I got the patellar graft with an amazing surgeon in Argentina and Latin America in general.
What was rehab like?
Surgery was a Friday and on Monday I started PT. Never missed a single session, going every week Monday, Wednesday and Friday for approximately 2 hours. Also went to the gym Tuesday and Thursday, didn’t matter if it was just 30 mins of bike, I just went to do anything. Just for insight, I had almost full range of motion since week 2, and religiously worked that a lot. Also did a lot of stationary bike and strength exercises. I also took a lot of care with food and ingested protein shakes. Also, as a sidenote, I’m very tolerant to pain and minor issues, so I never stopped and worked through pa ...(more)
How long until you returned to sports?
On May 25th, 2019, I played soccer again. Didn’t feel too well, but my knee was as firm and steady as it used to be. I scored 2 goals and an assist, no matter if it was a friendly match but it was good to be back. Also played the whole match and ran 8.5 km in total, so kudos to that as well. Around that time, I did a couple of tests to measure strength of both legs to compare, and also jumping and agility tests. I got an average of 94/100 in all tests, which led the PT to allow me to start playing slowly. First I did FMS (functional movement screen) tests. The scores go from 0-3, and to pass ...(more)
What advice would you give others with your condition?
I just want to debunk the myth that you’ll never feel the same as pre injury, at least in my point of view. Yes I don’t feel the same as pre injury, but my knee truly IS. It’s all in your head, and it’s up to you to fight that and focus on training and gaining confidence. Just keep up and work as hard as you possibly can.