Return to Running 3 Months After Back Surgery for Bulging Disc

Shared by Bogie_Baby on Jun 20, 2019 (Written on Jun 19, 2019)
What is your story about?
In 2015 I had back surgery to remove portions of a bulging disc. Prior to surgery, I was very limited in my ability to participate in athletics. Within 3 months of surgery I was able to run, and as of 2019 I'm able to participate in all athletic activities.
What symptoms did you experience?
I had a bulging disc that was impinging on the nerves at L5-S1. I was unable to run, lift, or play sports for a good month or 2 before the surgery.
What was your surgery like?
I had back surgery on April 28th, 2015 (exactly 1 month before my wedding!). The surgery removed pieces of the bulging disc.
What was recovery like?
3 months post surgery I was back to running and it felt great. By mid-July 2015, I was able to run 3 miles a day for 5 consecutive days. I started out slow, about 9:30/mile but I was down to 8:20/mile after a week. I then planned to work my way back to my usual 7:30/mile and wanted to run a half marathon by end of year. Considering that a few months prior I wasn't sure if I would be able to run again, this felt great and was a huge milestone. As of today, I have returned to all athletic activities. Running, lifting, baseball, surfing, etc. My only limitations are that I do not do not squats o ...(more)