Partial Meniscectomy with Return to Heavy Lifting

What is your story about?
I tore my lateral meniscus in an obstacle course, and decided to pursue a partial meniscectomy. I was able to return to low body lifts after 6 weeks of rehab, and rebuilt my lifts to their prior strength levels. My training is unimpeded by the injury or surgery, save for some potential swelling after squats.
How did your injury occur, and what were your symptoms?
I tore my lateral meniscus during an obstacle run. I had been running with it for several months (some dull ache but nothing real painful).
What surgery did you pursue?
A partial meniscectomy. They trimmed it to about 50% of a regular meniscus.
How was the recovery process?
They had me doing some rehab exercises for 4-6 weeks. During the recovery I was still doing upper body lifts (bench w/o leg drive, seated OHP, lat pulldowns, ...). After 6 weeks I returned to squatting and deadlifting and have been following linear progression on all the big lifts. Needless to say I had lost some strength and lots of size in that leg. What helps me out a lot is some warm-up, like 5-10 minutes of cycling and just adding weight until I reach my working weights. I came from a 210lb squat and 250lb deadlift and worked my way up to a 190lb squat and 260lb deadlifts, which continue ...(more)