Meniscectomy for Triple Tear, Unable to Fully Return to Weightlifting

What is your story about?
I'm 29 years old and had an arthroscopic meniscectomy to repair 3 meniscus tears. Following an extended recovery period, I was unable to full return to lifting, and have since pretty much given up on in. I also likely have bone degradation in my knee.
What symptoms did you experience and how did they progress over time?
I had three tears in my right knee meniscus. Prior to diagnosis, I had done Crossfit for 3 1/2 years followed by 2 years of strictly weightlifting. I don't think the tears were severe but there were three of them.
What surgery did you pursue?
Arthroscopic meniscectomy.
What was recovery like?
Following surgery, I was walking with a cane and unable to bear weight for a week on it. Three months of physical therapy until I felt 90% of pre-injury. I stretched multiple times a day, every day, and it took probably 6 months until I felt "100%." Every meniscus recovery is different, I think mine is probably one of the worse. Most people I hear from say 3-4 months they feel back to normal.
Were you able to make a return to sport?
I tried getting back into weightlifting but wasn't the same for me. I have back squatted up to 90% of my all time best but it didn't feel right. I'm 29 years old, but doctor said I likely have bone breakdown behind my patella where the front of the tibia meets it, causing pain and discomfort even after the meniscectomy. Pretty much have given up weightlifting now which is really sad.