Improvements from PRP Injections for Complex Meniscus Tear

What is your story about?
I have a complex tear to my medial meniscus in my right knee. I've been trying PRP injections for the last 9 months, and have had 3 so far. I've seen significant benefits, including reductions in pain, increases in ROM, and the ability to return to many activities that were previously not possible for me to do.
What symptoms did you experience and how did they progress over time?
As confirmed on an MRI, I have a horizontal tear of the posterior medial horn on my right meniscus. I am a very active athlete and I had severe pain even when walking. I could not do any lower body exercises, not even body weight.
What has been your experience with PRP injections?
I've had three PRP treatments. The first treatment improved range of motion by 40% and decreased pain by 50%. I saw immediate improvement and progressed to powerlifting squats and sumo deadlifts. I still lacked range of motion to do conventional deadlifts and lunging wasn't possible. I completed the 2nd treatment mid-October of 2018. Following that, my physio went very well. I got more pain relief and greater range of motion. I could do conventional deadlifts and lunges and did most of my rehab in a pool, which helped to de-load the joint and allowed me to work on full range of motion and mus ...(more)
Have you tried any other treatments?
Two years ago I tried conservative treatment with physio and corrective exercise/stretching and manual therapies - there was little improvement.
What advice would you give others with your condition?
In full disclosure I am under a physicians care for TRT. I supplement with MK-677 & Boldenone as these compounds increase growth hormone output and collagen synthesis. In order to maximize your results you MUST have your exercise, diet and nutrient on point! I think those that don't get results from PRP either don't have a skilled Doctor to perform the injections, or don't follow the right lifestyle and supplement regimen, or don't have both in place.