Hip Labrum Surgery in Avid Teen Dancer with Return to Dance

What is your story about?
Around 2006, I underwent surgery to debride material around my femur. I was ultimately able to make a return to dancing, which had originally caused the issue. Overall, I'd recommend the surgery, especially if physical therapy doesn't work.
How did your injury occur?
I was an avid dancer in my teens which is what caused the hip pain.
When did you undergo surgery?
I had hip surgery at age 17. It was a laparoscopic debridement. The surgeon said I actually didn't have a labral tear, but that there was a callous-like formation on the ball joint due to "overuse".
What was recovery like?
I was on crutches awhile afterwards- I want to say several weeks. PT was hard and uncomfortable but worth it. I think I was back at school (albeit on crutches) less that a week later. Back to dance class (but being careful) at 6 wks. Now, at age 30, my operated hip is "the good hip".
Is there anything you still avoid doing today?
I was told running is probably not good for my joints, same with high impact (jumping).
What advice would you give others with your condition?
I'd recommend the surgery. I would say the younger the better for this surgery mostly for healing purposes - we bounce back faster when we're young, but also because I think it's saved me lots of subluxations down the road (my left hip has not been as lucky). I'd say if PT doesn't help, then surgery is good option.