Hip Labral Tear Improved with Rehab Exercises, No Surgery

What is your story about?
I'm a 49 year old male. In 2013, I tore my hip labrum. I ultimately decided not to pursue surgery and focused on corrective exercises instead. This approach has allowed me to return to activity and minimize the effect of the labral tear on my life.
How did your injury occur?
I tore my labrum in my right hip taking a big goal kick in club soccer at 43 years of age.
What symptoms did you experience?
For a while it was really painful on and off. The pain would subside for a while and then the tear would slip under the ilium or something and it would be agonizing. I had a semi permanent limp.
How has your recovery been, without surgery?
It's a lot better now, at least stable, 6 years later. I do a lot of glute exercises and hip stretches as part of my routine, and that helps tremendously. I can distance run again. It never bothered me alpine skiing, including ascents on skins — actually, skinning up things was the best, most comfortable exercise I could get when it was still a fresh injury. I have not put on my tele gear since the injury though; I think that movement could affect the injury very differently.
What rehab exercises worked best for you?
Anything to stretch the IT band. Tightness in the band was what was making it more likely that the hanging tear would get pinched in the joint. Foam rolling has been a huge part of it, also using a Tiger Tail. For strengthening the glutes, hip thrusts and squats have been my go-tos. Overall, I found that the same set of exercises people use to correct an anterior pelvic tilt took pressure off the tear, and I had started to develop a bit of that tilt as well when I moved into a career that put me in a chair a lot more.