Herniated Lumbar Disc in Runner Resolved with Rest in 3 Months

Shared by excitedrustle on Jun 11, 2019 (Written on Jun 10, 2019)
What is your story about?
I'm a runner. At age 29 I herniated my lumbar disc. Since I was young, I did not pursue any surgical or conservative treatment options. I simply rested. After about 3 months, I was mainly recovered. Within 5 months I did a trail half.
What symptoms did you experience and how did they progress over time?
I herniated a lumbar disc back in December of 2015. Couldn't run, sit down, bend, cough, sneeze, etc. without severe pain in the lower back and weird tingles down my leg. My first thoughts after realizing what had happened: "Does this kill my Boston dream? Will I ever be able to run real distances again?"
Did you consider surgical treatment?
At the time I was only 29, so I didn't pursue any surgical or chiropractic treatment. Rest and time were sufficient.
What was recovery like?
It took a solid 3 months to heal, but yes, recovery is possible! After about 4 months I did a trail half with no pain, and within 5 months my training was back up to 50 miles/week also pain-free.
What advice would you give others with your condition?
The recovery was very up and down. I had a worrisome backslide in early February (1.5 months after injury) where everything seemed to be getting worse. But that trend reversed as well. So don't worry if you have weeks where the recovery seems to be going backwards.