From Surgery for Tibia & Fibula Fracture to Running a 10k in 5 Months

What is your story about?
In 2015 I had fractures of my tibia and fibula that required a major surgery involving multiple screws and locking plates. While I was told that it was unlikely I'd be able to run long distances, 5 months later ran a 10k. Strict adherence to physiotherapy played a big role in this success.
Can you describe your injury?
I fractured my left tibia and fibula at my ankle's height while skateboarding
What was surgery like?
I went through surgery in March of 2015. I had 7 screws and a plate put in on my leg. I joke around that this is my bionic foot now. My doctor told me that I might be able to run short distances again, but very unlikely to be good enough for long runs.
What was recovery like?
Despite the prognosis, by June 2015 I was already running outside, really light runs, and in August 2015 I did my first 10k competition with the same time that I was doing before my injury. I still felt a bit uncomfortable some times, and after long runs I needed to ice it, but every week it continued to get better and better.
What advice would you give others with your condition?
My advice to you is: do not underestimate physiotherapy and strengthening training, it will do you wonders. Start as soon as your doctor allows it. I started 2 weeks after the surgery. I still do two sessions per week, and I feel that I am performing better than I was before the injury.