From Double Hernia Surgery to Heavy Deadlifting in 6 Months

What is your story about?
I'm a 35 year old male. In 2016 I underwent a double (inguinal) hernia repair surgery. I was running about 3 weeks out, light lifting about 4 weeks out, and heavy lifting 8 - 10 weeks out. Within 6 months I was working towards a 500lb deadlift and hitting sets of 375lb x 9.
When did you notice your hernia?
For reference, I'm 5'8" 168lb. In 2015 I weighed 220lbs and decided I needed to make a change in my life. I started tracking all of my calories and joined a Crossfit gym with the goal of losing 50lbs and getting myself into the shape I was in when young. I spend the first 6 months concentrating only on losing weight, eating in a 1000 calorie a day deficit and eating very little carbs. There were many days I ate under 50g of carbohydrates. This was effective for losing weight, but I found myself very tired all the time as well as extremely hungry. I swore once I hit my goal weight I would fi ...(more)
What was your diagnosis process like?
In July of 2016 I finally went to the doctor to find I had a double hernia which required surgery. It can be hard to recognize. You really have to feel around, if you have a big enough one it's noticeable. As embarrassing as this is, my doctor told me I probably had them for a long time but didn't notice until I lost weight and could actually see them. The hernia I had was an inguinal which is caused to a weakness in your groin area resulting in how your testicles sat before they dropped when you were a baby. People who are predisposed to this will get a hernia in their life no matter what. M ...(more)
How long was recovery?
I had the surgery in August of 2016 with the instruction I was to be cleared to lift light again at the beginning of October. For basic fitness I was actually back running around and doing cardio about 3 weeks out. Back to light lifting after about 4 weeks and heavy lifting 8 - 10. Side note: literally the day I was ready to come back and start light exercise I received an email from my gym, they were closing (felt like bad luck Brian). I didn't want to go to another Crossfit gym, I really am not a Crossfitter and have no ambition to be, but the box gyms around my area are not good at all for ...(more)
Were you able to return to heavy lifting?
Sometime in the middle of November I decided I was ready to start heavy lifting again and wrote a 13 week program that was designed to get my body back in shape to lift heavy weights. I deloaded every two weeks on the initial program and did a lot of high rep work to build endurance. Once I finished the initial program designed to get myself in shape I wrote another 12 week program using Wendler progressions to build strength. By the 5/3/1 week of the second month I already saw huge gains in my lower body (far exceeding the upper body progression). At this point, it was the 6 month anniversa ...(more)
What advice would you give others with your condition?
I would suggest when you feel better working on your lower body flexibility, I was really stiff in that area after the surgery.