From Broken Ankle to Half Marathon in 5 Months

What is your story about?
In 2015 I broke my ankle while slipping from a ladder. I underwent a major surgery to repair the fracture. To recover, I followed an aggressive rehab plan that I designed myself, which had me walking in 2 weeks, running in 6 weeks, and competing in a half marathon in 5 months.
Can you describe your injury?
So in October 2015, I broke my ankle. I was on a ladder that wasn’t placed in a stable position, on my patio, it tipped and swayed and I fell straight down and my ankle went between the rungs. I believe that’s what snapped it. If it hadn’t been for my ankle getting caught in the ladder I don’t think it would’ve broken.
What was surgery like?
I had surgery with plates and all kinds of pins, like twelve.
What was the recovery process like?
I was walking 2 weeks later, running (well, gimping) 6 weeks later, and back to my regular half marathons 5 months later. No issues. My surgeon also told me there should be no need to get the plates and screws removed. Within a year all was great. I think it's your attitude that gets you through!
Did you have a physical therapy program for rehab?
As for physical therapy and rehab, there wasn’t any that was prescribed! I did it all myself. Because I had plates and pins, as soon as it felt like I could put some pressure on it, I did. I was walking in two weeks, very carefully though, so as not to tweak anything. I also did lymphatic massage around the area to help with the swelling and healing. I moved it, did ankle circles, stretching, and non-weight-bearing exercises. I also took a product called Boiron Symphytum, which is a homeopathic medicine for bone trauma. I got it on Amazon.
What advice would you give others facing this injury?
What I personally recommend is that while following what the doctor says, also follow what your body is telling you. Put pressure on it when you feel you can, usually after two weeks the soonest. You should be walking after 6 weeks. I see a lot of people (massage therapist here), that are babying their breaks after months, even years, and wanting me to be careful around that area. You need to move it around, and as time goes on the more moving and weight the better! Sure it’s going to be sore or hurt, but once it’s healed (6-ish weeks) walk on it!! A lot! I'm a runner so I was even running on ...(more)