Failed Fasciotomy for CECS with Revision Surgery, Still Painful

What is your story about?
I am a dancer with a long and difficult history of chronic extertional compartment syndrome. My first fasciotomy was a failure, and I underwent revision surgery. This brought my pressure levels down, but stiffening of the fascia and scar tissue still create a similar feeling of pain.
What was your first surgery for your CECS?
I had a bilateral fasciotomy in all compartments (anterior, posterior, superficial and deep).
What was the outcome of your first surgery?
I returned to dancing about 8-9 months post surgery. After I returned to dancing I had about 3-4 months pain free. The 3 months I had were like a glimpse into a life that would never be. The pressures of my anterior compartments initially were L-44 and R-69. At testing approximately 12 months post op they were L-45 and R-44. The left one is a complete failure while the right went down, though not enough to be pain free. The pain hadn't completely gone after the initial surgery in the anterior compartments, it was just less. It took a while for it to become unmanageable again, but eventually i ...(more)
How did the revision surgery work out?
After the revision surgery, the recovery process was, from memory, less painful than the first because I had only 2 compartments done compared to 4 the first time. But I never had any moments where it felt like it had worked completely. I always felt this slight compartment pain that gradually became worse. As of now, technically I don't have compartment syndrome anymore but now I have stiffening of the fascia and scar tissue, which causes basically the same pain. But my pressure tests are normal so I got that going for me!
How has this condition affected your life?
I wouldn't wish this pain on my worst enemy. It is so debilitating in every aspect of life.