Bunion Improved with Toe Spacer Socks in Runner

Shared by miga717 on Jun 21, 2019 (Written on Jun 20, 2019)
What is your story about?
I was diagnosed with a bunion and told I needed surgery to correct it. Instead, I saw a physical therapist who showed me some stretches and footwear modifications that greatly helped. I've been able to continue running without surgery as a result.
What was your diagnosis process like?
I was told I needed surgery for my bunion. But I went to a physical therapist (for a completely different issue) and she was able to help me.
What was physical therapy like?
The PT showed me how to stretch my bunion toe, which really helped. She said it's really important to maintain as much movement as possible. She also showed me how to tape my toe using KT tape while running, and to avoid hills which can aggravate it.
Do you wear any special socks or shoes?
I wear spacers and orthotics (in my work shoes too), and when I get home I wear spacer socks: I can't wear the spacer socks with shoes (I don't think they're meant to be worn that way). So I wear them around the house like slippers or when I'm watching TV. Wear wide shoes too. That helps relieve the pressure on the joint.
Have you been able to continue running?
Yes. I never had the surgery and I'm still running! If the pain ever flares up I just take a few days off and make sure to stretch my toes.