5 Surgeries For FAI and Hip Labral Tear, Still Recovering

What is your story about?
I had bilateral hip labral tears and FAI, resulting in part from hypermobility due to Ehlers-Danlos. So far, I've undergone 5 surgeries with many ups and downs. I'm still in the process of recovering from my latest surgery.
What was your diagnosis?
I had cam and pincer impingement on both sides with labral tears. I had ossified my left labrum due to FAI and subluxations (mini dislocations) due to hypermobility from Ehlers-Danlos. My hypermobility causes a lot of extra instability in my hip. If I compare it to pre-surgery, it feels like that leg is constantly on a BOSU ball, but it’s the ball and socket where I’m working to keep it together. I’ve done nine million years of PT and I lift weights regularly (and do a crap ton of stability work) and it’s still a wobbly personal BOSU ball.
What surgeries have you pursued?
I waited almost years post initial pain to have my surgery. Mine definitely deteriorated during half and full marathon training. Power lifting didn’t help any either. Reasons: with early PT, it was pretty manageable; also, I’d been misdiagnosed, so that didn’t help. If there’s impingement and it’s tearing at things that can lead to early arthritis. So, in Feb 2016 I had my first surgery on my left hip to correct impingement. During surgery, the surgeon discovered that the labrum wasn't salvageable so he removed it. In July 2016, I went in for a revision to get a cadaver labrum in the left hip ...(more)
What was the outcome of your surgeries?
I then enjoy some time of minor PT set-backs over and over. Two steps forward, three back kind of thing. A move across the country. In February of 2019, I had an MRI done after almost 1.5 years of fighting for more testing. Finally, a human MD who agrees it’s time for an MRI— holy cow! Referral to an FAI specialist. I get a mi-eye imaging (the camera from the arthroscopy). Turns out I’ve developed moderate osteoarthritis, the stitching is coming undone, there’s a bunch of who knows what alien stuff floating around, and the pincer is still impinging. I tore my psoas. Oh, and that capsule tighte ...(more)
Do you have any recommendations for others with this condition?
For revisions: There are 2 well known surgeons: Christopher Larsen (Edina, MN at twin Cities Orthopedic) and Jon Hyman at Jon Hyman MD (Tucker, GA) have both published research on revisions. Their websites have good info. For navigating the stairs: the butt scoot! Turn around, sit, and then use your arms. Your physical therapist will show you how to do stairs on your first appointment, but the day of surgery you’ll be too drugged to do it right anyway. For crutches: You will want to not use the crutches after about a week. You’ll feel better. Don’t. Use the crutches. Follow the protocol. The ...(more)