4 Meniscus Surgeries with Return to Heavy Lifting

Shared by HoneyBucketsOfOats on Aug 15, 2019 (Written on Aug 11, 2019)
What is your story about?
I've had 4 meniscus surgeries and have been able to return to heavy lifting. While my performance isn't what is used to be, overall I'm able to return to sport with good ROM without much pain.
What is your meniscus surgery history?
I've had 4 meniscus surgeries, three on my right knee and 1 on my left. The first one on my right was a repair, the second one was removal to clean up the failed repair 9 months later. A few years later I tore the left and had a removal and a year or so after that tore the right again.
Have you been able to make a return to heavy lifting?
Not sure if my numbers count as heavy here, 350 squat, 450 dead, 315 bench. I still have full range of motion, still squat ass to grass and deadlift and do oly lifts and some crossfit esque stuff. My strength numbers aren't what I want but they're better than before my first surgery. I don't get to lift as much as I want to but I am physically capable. My knees hurt a lot of the time but they always have even before surgery. It's a little worse now but I'm also older, heavier, and so busy I can't stick to a consistent routine.
What advice would you give others with your condition?
All in all the meniscus stuff was annoying but has no real long term effect other than maybe some mild pain. Keep lifting.